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Our sumptuous offices are located in Montréal at 6264 De La Roche street. We love so much the postal workforce that we decided to get our mail delivered at a much more accessible address:
6258, rue De La Roche
Montréal, Québec
H2S 2E1

Our e-mail address is lentement // *

* Written in normal email style, of course. We write the address this way here only to avoid horrible spam robots.


Before sending us anything (except money)


L’Oie de Cravan does accept wordless graphic novels written in any language.

If you are an extremely popular singer, please consider sending us your lyrics for translation and publication.

oiedecravan.manuscrits //

carte postale du bureau Oie

L’Oie de Cravan’s office, backstage entrance

Let’s never forget that almost any epoch is bad for poetry, as it is for life itself.

Jean-Yves Bériou

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L’Oie de Cravan
6258 rue De La Roche
Montréal, Qc
H2S 2E1
lentement //

Oies de Cravan are born in the rotten masts of ships lost in the gulf of Mexico.
Louis Scutenaire