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How to reach L'Oie de Cravan

Let's never forget that almost any epoch
is bad for poetry, as it is for life itself.

Jean-Yves Bériou

Our sumptuous offices are located in Montréal on Saint-Dominique street. Sadly, the mailman refuses to approach this wild and scary zone. We must thus receive our actual mail in a somewhat calmer area (see picture) :
5460, rue Waverly
Montréal, Québec
H2T 2X9

Our e-mail address is lentement at oiedecravan dot com. Written in normal e-mail style, of course. We write the address this way here only the avoid horrible spam robots.

Please send a check filled to L'Oie de Cravan to the address above or use the Paypal button. We will send your merchandise in the 2 weeks following the reception of your order (summer orders might take a little longer, specially on great fresh sunny weeks). All our prices include postal fees. Send us an e-mail to check if a specific item is available or to see if it has been shipped. We garanty the absolute freshness of our goods.