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Aiming for the gut
C'est la guerre : Early Writings 1978-1983
Defense against Squares / Contre les caves
Dix poèmes d'Edgar Poe traduits par Alice Becker-Ho
Fantastic Plotte
Holy Moly
Hourra pour Shane/ Hurrah for Shane
Je suis un K
L'Année dernière à Cazillac / Last year in Cazillac
Lait frappé
Le petit guide du Plan Nord
Loud / Bruyant
Maman Sauvage
Mr Non Pigeon
Petits morceau de jeune homme
Roulathèque Roulathèque Nicolore
Spiels d'un minuteman / Spiels of a minuteman
The words to the songs of Michael Hurley
Paroles des chansons de Michael Hurley

Hourra pour Shane/ Hurrah for Shane
Shane Brangan

Hourra pour Shane/ Hurrah for Shane de Shane Brangan Hurrah for Shane is a desesperate prose-poem. Writen in a simple hallucinated style the book is presented here in a english-french bilingual edition. The publisher received this text from Barcelona around 1991 from the writer whom he never met. Shane Brangan is of Irish origin and apparently has writen this text in London in 1987,

Part of our "Le fer & sa rouille" collection of hand sowed books in a limited numbered edition of 200. 12.5x18.5cm. 24 uncut pages under a mustard cover.

Price* : Canada $ 14.00 / Eur. ¤ 13.00 / US $ 14.00
*Includes shipping

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