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Bric-a-brac & The small hours
Myriam Gendron

Bric-a-brac & The small hours de Myriam Gendron 7 " vinyl record. Bric-à-Brac and The small hours, two songs that are not on the vinyl pressing of the album No so deep as a welll. Words by Dorothy Parker.
First production of «Oie de Cravan Records» co-released with Feeding Tube Records. 500 copies. Sleeve hand printed by Kiva Stimac of Popolo Press. Lyrics included.
Listen to Bric-à-brac :Here
"Following her acclaimed 2014 debut LP, Not So Deep As a Well (FTR 146-3LP), Montreal's Myriam Gendron has created musical settings for another pair of Dorothy Parker poems -- 'Bric a Brac' and 'The Small Hours.' The slow, sensuously beautiful combination of Myriam's voice and guitar, combined with dolorous genius of Parker's words is as intimate as ever. The pairing is seamless and natural, conveying an instant warmth that is a wonderful way to see out the winter, hailing the spring on our doorstep, with hints of the endless circle of seasons to follow. With a letterpressed sleeve and insert by the brilliant Kiva Tanya Stimac of Popolo Press, this record is a rare and special object." --Byron Coley,
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