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Simon Bossé
Shane Brangan
Geneviève Castrée (Geneviève Elverum)
Byron Coley
Julie Doucet
Fabrizio Gilardino
Michel Hellman
Michael Hurley
Mivil Deschênes Jean-Sébastien Larouche
Jeff Ladouceur
Nadia Moss
Pierre Peuchmaurd
Edgar Poe
Mike Watt

Spiels d'un minuteman / Spiels of a minuteman
Mike Watt

Spiels d'un minuteman / Spiels of a minuteman de Mike Watt

Spiels of a Minuteman is a bilingual (English/French) book that includes all lyrics written by Mike Watt for the Minutemen from 1980 to 1985. The book also includes the 1983 Minutemen/Black Flag tour's diary of Watt's first visit to europe. Presentation and forword texts are by Joe Carducci, Richard Meltzer, Thurston Moore and, naturally, Mike Watt. Raymond Pettibon's drawings for the Minutemen covers are included. The book cover was drawn by Mr. Simon Bossé, and silkscreened by Leyla Majeri.
This second revised edition has a new cover and now includes an index of songs.

A few pics of the book launch at Sala Rossa, Montreal.

140 p., 16 x 16 cm.
2000 copies.
ISBN 2 922399 20 6

Price* : Canada $ 16.00 / Eur. ¤ 16.00 / US $ 18.00
*Includes shipping

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