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Geneviève Castrée
Byron Coley
Julie Doucet
Geneviève Elverum
Myriam Gendron
Fabrizio Gilardino
Michel Hellman
Michael Hurley
Mivil Deschênes Jean-Sébastien Larouche
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Pierre Peuchmaurd
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Mike Watt

Geneviève Castrée

Pamplemoussi de Geneviève Castrée Pamplemoussi is Geneviève Castrée's third book for L'Oie de Cravan, a 68-page 12x 12 inch graphic tour de force presented in a limited edtion of 800 copies with a silkscreened color cover and includes a 12" lp of her songs! Graphically this is certainly her most accomplished work to date, the huge size of the book allowing her to get into crazy details that explode on the page. The book translates the 8 songs of the record into images. And this record is no comic-book-artist-trying-to-sing things. After much touring under her musician name of Woelv, Geneviève, with some help from Run Chico Run and Phil Evrum of The Microphones, has developped a unique and strong style. Something of a francophone Chan Marshall with some Bjork inflections. But forget comparaisons: you have to hear it really. Included are lyrics in French and English.

68 p., 30 x 30 cm, June 2004.

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Lait frappé
Geneviève Castrée

Lait frappé de Geneviève Castrée Bande dessinée. Conte sans texte en neuf chapitres par l'auteure du fameux Nausea.

48 p., 16,5 x 21,5 cm.
Trois premières éditions épuisées. OUT OF PRINT.
ISBN 2 922399 06 0

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Roulathèque Roulathèque Nicolore
Geneviève Castrée

Roulathèque Roulathèque Nicolore de Geneviève Castrée « Ces dessins peaufinent le détail de même que l'invention constante »
David Cantin, Le Devoir (Genève), 8 septembre 2001.

Images. Color cover, Inside in red and black.

58 p. on ivory paper, 6,5 x 5,5 cm, First edition : july 2001, out of print.
New edition, november 2007
ISBN 978 2 922399 42 4

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