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Simon Bossé
Shane Brangan
Geneviève Castrée (Geneviève Elverum)
Byron Coley
Julie Doucet
Fabrizio Gilardino
Michel Hellman
Michael Hurley
Mivil Deschênes Jean-Sébastien Larouche
Jeff Ladouceur
Nadia Moss
Pierre Peuchmaurd
Edgar Poe
Mike Watt

Simon Bossé

Bébête de Simon Bossé Graphic story.

In french,"Bébête" has a double signification, meaning "animal" but also "silly". And such is the case here with these strangely human animals (or is it strangely animal humans?) The cuckoo goes into another bird's apartement, throws the bird's kids by the window and replaces them with his own. Like a cuckoo does! Just one of the stories offered here in a hard and beautifuly drawned vision of the world of animals.

Simon Bossé was born 1966 in Montréal. A central part of the new wave of Canadian underground comix of the 90's, he has worked as a publisher, curator, retailer, silkscreener and cartoonist. He also curated numerous exhibitions, edited the international anthologies Kekrapules and Ferraille’s Montreal issue. Bébête, the second Simon Bossé album for L'Oie de Cravan, was shortlisted for the 2010 Dough Wright Award.

48p. 20.5 x 20.5 cm, fall 2009.Limited edition of 700 copies under a cover silkscreened by the author. Wordless.

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Simon Bossé

Intestine de Simon Bossé « This wordless metaphor, playing with constraints and paradoxes, is nightmarish and enjoyable at the same time, awakening our senses with fun and gravity. Drawing is sober, strongly expressive and serves a story pointing out that no one escapes their own demons. »
Pierre Thibeault, Ici, 21 February 2002.

Graphic story. First complete album by one of Montreal's most important graphic artists.

48 p., 21 x 21 cm, February 2002.
600 copies. Silkscreened cover printed by the author.
ISBN 2 922399 16 8

Price* : Canada $ 16.00 / Eur. ¤ 16.00 / US $ 16.00
*Includes shipping

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