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Simon Bossé
Shane Brangan
Geneviève Castrée (Geneviève Elverum)
Byron Coley
Julie Doucet
Fabrizio Gilardino
Michel Hellman
Michael Hurley
Mivil Deschênes Jean-Sébastien Larouche
Jeff Ladouceur
Nadia Moss
Pierre Peuchmaurd
Edgar Poe
Mike Watt

Fantastic Plotte
Julie Doucet

Fantastic Plotte de Julie Doucet This is the complete (almost complete) content of the Dirty Plotte fanzine. with original french and english versions (with translations). It is the new version of the D&Q book Lève ta jambe mon poisson est mort that has long been out of print but with lots more : fanzine covers and stuff.

Comics. Bilingual, With presentation text by Julie Doucet. 2014. 7 1/2 x 10 inches. 144 pages.

Price* : Canada $ 22.00 / Eur. ¤ 26.00 / US $ 22.00
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Je suis un K
Julie Doucet

Je suis un K de Julie Doucet Made with Anne-Françoise Jacques.

Twenty collage-poems with a sound collage interpretation by Anne-Françoise Jacques.

25 p. + mini cd under sleeve drawned and silkscreened by the author, 9,5 x 9,5 cm, october 2006.
500 copies (not many left).
ISBN 978 2 922399 36 3

Price* : Canada $ 14.00 / Eur. ¤ 13.00 / US $ 15.00
*Includes shipping

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Julie Doucet

Melek de Julie Doucet « [...] a rare, intelligent and sensitive book. »
Sophie Ravaux-Zoëll, Le Courrier (Genève), 22 June 2002.

A poetical book built around the actual but distant character of Melek. Found photographs and woodcuts by Julie Doucet. Short texts in French put together by Benoît Chaput (available with english translation).

48 p., 16,2 x 21 cm, février 2002.
Offset black and white printing with two pages hand silkscreened in four colours.
Limited edition of 425 copies under a BFK Rives dust jacket, hand silkcreened by the author. ISBN 2922399 15 x

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